Monday, September 22, 2008

Mave's Word for the Day!

The word of the day is: BELIEVE
Believe in your self.
Believe in your ideas.
Believe that you can and will achieve your goals!
Believe that in spite of what the world says is impossible...
is without question - POSSIBLE!
-Georgia Goodridge

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Do you love old postcards and photographs like I do?

Good afternoon - The postcard shown here and the one I posted below earlier today are a couple of my favorite vintage postcard finds. Dogs, cats, children as well as ladies in intriguing period dress are some of my favorite subjects. I am a very visual person and I have a library of images from antique postcards and photos that I have scanned into my computer. I just love to draw from them to compliment my articles, (the ones on my website - or make special occasion cards for my family and friends, altered art projects, etc. Not just for fun - I have also made money with my postcards/pics as well. Because the ones I use have fallen into the realm of 'public domain' I am free to use them without any licensing issues. I often make computer copies, frame and sell them - always as Framed Prints - It's a no-no in my book to misrepresent work as original art when it isn't! I usually get $6.50 a print on average here in the St. Louis, Mo area.

I have found of my postcards and old photographs at auctions, estate or garage sales. Flea markets can also be a great source for them. I didn't mean to leave out the treasure hunts through antique malls or antique and collector shows as they too are great resources too. I just prefer to be as thrifty as I can when buying and the two places last mentioned tend to see higher prices charged for collectibles overall. The main reason? The overhead at these places dictate that dealers must charge more for each item to offset all the set up expenses.

I don't have as much time right now to do my crafting as I would like to but I still try to squeeze in as many crafty projects as I can around my writing, my website, my antique mall booth, and being a caregiver my Mom.

Gotta buzz off for now - we Big Wheels are always going around in circles you know! Ha!
Georgia G.

The Maven's Words of Wisdom for the Day !

When Times Get Tough - Hold On For Dear Life!
The long road of life rarely takes a straight path
And none of us can predict the twists and ruts that lie ahead.
Plan for the worst, Look for the best and
Trust in your quiet inner voice!
- Georgia Goodridge

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hello Friends - welcome to my new blog spot. Sharing what you love, I have always found, can be contagious. So if by chance I say something that sticks in your head or or puts a wrinkle on your face (some people call it a smile) I promise the effects will wear off and you won't be symptomatic too long. Unless, as I hope, you come back often. In that case I must tell you that you are opening yourself up for re-infection of the flea market bug! Also maybe the eBay bug, the craft virus, own-your-own-business-itis and various other wonderful conditions you might join me in. (I think I'm a carrier after decades as a flea market dealer!) I once saw a sign at an antique show that read : Antique Pox - enter booth at your own risk - now I get it!

That's all for tonight. If you want to see more of what I do, you can go to - - our website and while you are there Lookin' 'round why not read my Editor's Journal and see what I do at my Day job! Ha!.

Goodbye until next time. And, if you are out and about on the roads treasure hunting this week - please arrive home safely!
Georgia G.